Climate Change: The Decade That Matters (Part 2)

Our Decade That Matters 2.0 report revisits and builds on the original 2021 "The Decade That Matters" report, which analysed the evolving online conversation around climate change.

This new report looks at shifts in debate over the last two years prompted by the coronavirus pandemic as well as developments in global affairs from the Russian invasion of Ukraine and subsequent energy crisis. Insights are then drawn from over a billion mentions of online phrases.

For this report, we also surveyed over 3,000 business leaders and policymakers from across Europe and the US: are industry leaders and politicians in step with the developing online debate? What impact will the events of the last two years have on realising climate and renewable energy goals?

The result is an in-depth look at how policy, action and sentiment on climate action are aligned at both a national and global level.

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